Colourless water repellents with premium siloxane oligomers for an effective fight against moisture problems.

Humidity in a building may have a range of consequences such as damage to the walls, heat loss, destruction of the materials (e.g. plasters, paintwork, wood panelling), mould, etc. It is the presence of water, in the form of liquid, vapor or rising capillaries. Moisture can be on the surface (rainwater penetration), rising from below (by capillary action) or in the form of condensation (thermal bridges, lack of aeration and/or heat insulation, etc.).

Treatment with CAPILASIL changes the surface tension of a “hydrophilic” material to make it “hydrophobic”, while retaining maximum permeability to water vapor. According to the needs and nature of your humidity problems, formulations in the CAPILASIL range vary in order to make your sanitation projects successful.

The water repellents of the CAPILASIL range help answer these moisture problems.

The treatment will be done by injection in the case of rising damp and by impregnation of the support in the case of a moisture problem due to the penetration  of water on the surface.

Treatment by injection

Walls are dried and protected against rising damp by injection of CAPILASIL (aqueous or solvent phase), which forms a hydrophobic barrier at the bottom of the walls.

Treatment by penetration

CAPILASIL, used to make a surface water-repellent, is easy to apply by pouring or brushing, working upwards from the bottom.

There are different formulations of CAPILASIL, adapted to the types of substrates to be treated: wood, brick, concrete, non-porous limestone …

  1. Avoids efflorescence as much as possible.

  2. Protects outside walls from driving rain.

  3. Reduces moss and mould growth.

  4. Prevents damage due to frost and therefore cracks in the support.

  5. Materials continue to breathe.

  6. Prevents condensation due to the presence of moisture in the materials.

  7. Reduces the heat consumption because dry materials have better thermal insulation properties than wet ones.

  8. Façades remain clean for longer. Dust and dirt can no longer penetrate and will be washed off by the first rain shower.

CAPILASIL formulations vary depending on the nature and porosity of the support. In addition, the application environments (e.g. wet or dry support) will highlight an appropriate solution with a particular CAPILASIL. Do not hesitate to contact us to find suitable solutions.

For further information about the water repellent range CAPILASIL you can contact us via this online form.

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